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The old ones are still the best.
Old friends, old tunes, old times and … !
We didn’t realize we were making MEMORIES!

In 2007, the Phoenix of Jameh rose from ashes once again when its Alumni living in USA started to find one another and coalesce into a formal group. The highly participated 2nd reunion occurred in May of 2007 and became the platform for Jameh phenomenon both abroad and in Iran.  Soon after some of our friends in Canada started to join in.

The lucidity of Jameh intention to undertake its charitable operation became evident quickly during the earlier reunions in USA as a bright ray of hopeshining through the horizon of possibilities. The Jameh bunch were taught to think and act like leaders and promote causes worthy of the Name of Jameh.  This bestowed trait was a natural and predictable outcome for a group who chose to do great things not because they are easy but because they are worth trying for the betterment of mankind.

Their 1st and 2nd charitable fundraisings were to help with funding of the operations at Mahak Foundation in Iran serving the medical needs of young cancer patients who cannot, otherwise, afford their treatments.

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