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In the Name of God
The Creator of Life and Wisdom

Who Posses the Ultimate and Complete Knowledge

During the 70’s, the Iranian Minister of Education became interested in adopting a progressive education system during an official trip to Europe.  Upon her return to Iran, she helped foster and fund a similar curriculum for a newly built school in Tehran called,  Jamehe’ Tehran High School under the supervision of Mr. Sartipi as its principal.  The education method was still under prevailing system of 6 years of high school in the vicinity of Bozorgmehr Street in Tehran.

Later on, Jamehe’ Esmaeili Mortazavi Borazjani Shemiran High School in Tehran and another one in the city of Kerman opened their doors in 1974, replacing the original school with the cooperation of a private Foundation called Arsham .

The school in Tehran was run as a model and one-of-a-kind government sponsored coeducational teaching 48 hours (versus 40 hours) of both standard nationwide curriculum and a select technical field chosen by each student based on the newly adopted 4 year high school system.  Due to special interest and scrutiny of the Minister, the educators selected for this school was some of the best within the education system.

After some administrative adjustments,  Jamehe’ Esmaeili Mortazavi Borazjani Shemiran High School was relocated from Tajrish to a newly built location in Dolat Street near Qanat intersection.

At the end of the first year, Mr. Sartipi was transferred to the Ministry of Commerce and the torch to lead the school was passed on to Mr. Mansour Abassi after the recommendation of the school educators and upon the subsequent approval the Ministry. Jameh High School closed its door in 1979. 

In 2007, the Phoenix of Jameh rose from ashes once again when its Alumni living in USA started to find one another and coalesce into a formal group. The highly participated 2nd reunion occurred in May of 2007 and became the platform for Jameh phenomenon both abroad and in Iran.  Soon after some of our friends in Canada started to join in.

The lucidity of Jameh intention to undertake its charitable operation became evident quickly during the earlier reunions in USA as a bright ray of hopeshining through the horizon of possibilities. The Jameh bunch were taught to think and act like leaders and promote causes worthy of the Name of Jameh.  This bestowed trait was a natural and predictable outcome for a group who chose to do great things not because they are easy but because they are worth trying for the betterment of mankind.

Their 1st and 2nd charitable fundraisings were to help with funding of the operations at Mahak Foundation in Iran serving the medical needs of young cancer patients who cannot, otherwise, afford their treatments.

The alumni of the Jameh High School have become successful leaders in Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Art and Management throughout Iran and the rest of the world.   In 2011, Jameh High School Alumni who lived in Iran also decided to organize after witnessing many successful reunions in USA.  It was just natural for both groups to join forces with a common goal of helping promote and improve the educational landscape throughout Iran, especially in remote areas where needs for such help is more paramount.  Jameh High School Alumni with close cooperation with the Hami Non Governmental Organization, which has a strong presence in identifying, facilitating resources and completing projects through their cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental agencies throughout Iran.   

To see the lists of Jameh sponsored projects in promoting education in Iran please look at our site in Iran:

We are actively looking for others who share our views. This is not a political group. We choose to be the agent of change in ways dealing solely in promoting long lasting causes in a manner that can be simply described as  a “people-to-people”  movement.